Siva’s Fun(d) Journey to Europe!

Europe City Makers Summit with municipal corporation team in lelystad, Netherlands.
Europe City Makers Summit with municipal corporation team in lelystad, Netherlands.

Dear Tribe,

Here’s a quick word about my trip to Europe:

My twenty days of fun(d) were aimed at connecting social start-ups, individuals and organizational supporters in the E.U. with social ventures in Tamil Nadu. I began my journey in Paris, where I met Ms. Sarah from Global Potential. Global Potential is inciting inter-cultural exchange between young social entrepreneurs in USA, France, Haiti, and Senegal. Sarah is keen on expanding her activities in India, which is exciting for UnLtd TN because we found synergy in our philosophy, work and motivation for social change. Then I met Mr. Christophe from Credit At People, who questioned the credibility of social entrepreneurs in Pondicherry. Christophe challenged my perceptions, and reaffirmed UnLtd Tamil Nadu’s responsibility as a social incubator.

My journey continued in the Netherlands. Europe City Maker’s Summit was an incredibly insightful experience with City Makers and social innovators in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. City Makers all over Europe got together to come up with innovative ways of creating more livable, sustainable and inclusive cities. They helped us understand the legal constraints and challenges of foreign investors in India. I received a really warm welcome from Auroville International Netherlands who urged us to explore socent opportunities for Auroville’s youth.

The most interesting part of this journey was living in a boathouse with loving friends and taking local trains without knowing the local languages. I visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, which helped me understand the different layers and degrees of injustice. My journey ended with a ton of questions about the credibility and sustainability of social incubators across the globe. Now we must learn and grow together as socents for the greater good!


All the Best,



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