International Youth Day in Auroville

by Nishit

At UnLtd Tamil Nadu, we Acknowledge the need for a more active participation from our youth… We appreciate the importance of tapping into their brains… We are Aware of their potential as global citizens… We hope to accelerate the vision of our youth for a more productive, inclusive and united humanity. We thought Youth Link‘s International Youth Day festivities to ask the Auroville Youth….

What do AV Youth Dream to Create?


Unlike the majority youth enrolled in a schooling system, which is loaded with information, dependent on rote learning and lacking practical application, Auroville youth get freedom of thought through holistic and alternative education programs. Good-bye to hierarchy and restriction. On Youth Day, we had the pleasure of meeting Auroville Youth that wow-ed us with their creativity and originality. Here are some of the key highlights from the conversations we had:

 Gijs, Dani, and Nishit at UnLtd Tamil Nadu′s booth at the Unity Pavilion.

Gijs, Dani, and Nishit at UnLtd Tamil Nadu′s booth at the Unity Pavilion.

Green Mobility

Auroville Youth is keen on promoting and encouraging sustainable transportation like bicycles. From upgrading or tweaking the existing infrastructure to provide more shade for the cyclists, to installing drinking water fountains and toolkits at specified junctions for cycle repair. The youth also brainstormed around solutions like bicycle pooling and sharing. It was noteworthy to see how the group had out-of-the-box ideas when they spoke about their vision of creating funky ZipLine based transport systems, the collective laid foundations for the initial concept and prototype.

Multi-purpose inventions

We also discussed interesting solutions for optimizing existing infrastructure like, increasing the utility of streetlights by creating nesting spots for birds and intercom phone booths for hotline numbers. Also, using existing public buildings in lean or dormant hours for creative expression and learning for the youth. Some youth even showed concern for reducing usage of ground water by upgrading existing buildings with capacity for rain water harvesting. A very creative idea was setting up waste disposal systems that provide incentives, like WiFi and balance recharge coupons, for segregation and disposal of waste.

 Auroville Youth brainstorming and penning down their ideas for a stronger Auroville.

Auroville Youth brainstorming and penning down their ideas for a stronger Auroville.

Alternative Energy

An interesting solution to improve energy generation was adapting equipment at gymnasiums in Auroville to produce and store energy.

Increased Interaction and Unity

The youth spoke of combining all schools into a single unit for improved learning and for developing a more inclusive environment for children. Also, the kids demanded open mic sessions for everyone to share their learnings. An interesting idea emerged, when the collective spoke about hosting AV Idea Soup, where in the community would get together once a month over soup and baguette to discuss innovative ideas and put them to vote for bringing to action the most appreciated idea.