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At UnLtd Tamil Nadu, we find that social entrepreneurs demonstrate the following values, the 4 C’s. These principles guide our work and are central to the support we provide to our fellows. We also believe in applying these to ourselves, as a team and as individuals:

  • Clarity on the root causes of the social problems we’re tackling, on practical solutions and the resources required, and on our organization’s abilities.
  • Confidence about ourselves, our team, our organization and our fellows.
  • Care about our beneficiaries, ourselves, our team, our organization, and our supporters.
  • Connectedness to a diverse and growing network which we nurture and use efficiently.

As members of the UnLtd India network, we uphold the following shared principles:

  • Spirit of social entrepreneurship: we believe that social entrepreneurship is defined by an entrepreneurial approach and a commitment to impact at any level of society – local, national, international.
  • Mutual respect and humility: we treat our team, fellows and all stakeholders with respect and humility, offer honest and open feedback, and enable inclusive decision-making practices.
  • Innovation and learning: we regularly test new approaches for supporting early-stage changemakers, evaluate our success, learn from our mistakes and share our findings with the network and the field.
  • Collaboration: We encourage collaboration within the network and the ecosystem at large as an important way to strengthen support for early-stage social entrepreneurs.
  • Knowledge sharing: we believe in an open exchange of knowledge across the network about activities and results of our work as a way to continuously increase the impact of affiliates and the entire network.
  • Reciprocity: we value reciprocity from our fellows and from each other in the network. We expect all affiliates to give back to the network and help support new affiliates.