The issue: There is a real problem of unemployability and a lack of technical skills for students. The root cause for this is the lack of practical knowledge taught in schools and universities.

The idea: Teekz wants to guide students with proper mentorship as well as technical knowledge through projects and internship opportunities. Teekz will also notify students about relevant job opportunities all over India.

How it started: Tendul always wanted start a business and truly give back to society. With Teekz, he can do both.

The team: Tendul is passionate about technology. He was a Microsoft Student Partner in college and developed few Windows apps. Before starting this project, he taught in his university and educated students about technology.

Teekz and UnLtd Tamil Nadu: Tendul asked UnLtd Tamil Nadu to help him with

  • Networking
  • Expert guidance in Marketing
  • Financial management
  • A seed funding of Rs 40,000