Aldu Aldu

Aldu Aldu

Providing skill based training programs & livelihood opportunities for the Narikuravar community.

The issue: About 80% of Gypsies drop out of school due to lack of interest, or because of language barriers. Their families’ economical situations force the children to find other ways to increase their incomes for daily survival.

The idea: John wants to provide skill training and employment opportunities to the young adults. His program will help them to develop basic life skills management like health, hygiene and basic literacy for those who are interested in school.

How it started: John has been working with Gypsy communities for the past four years. His experiences inspired him to empower the Gypsy community with education and the tools to create a sustainable livelihood.

The team: John has extensive experience in developmental sectors. For six years, he has worked on different social projects from the rehabilitation of children to the implementation of income generation for women and young girls.

John and UnLtd Tamil Nadu: John asked UnLtd Tamil Nadu to help him with

  • Networking
  • Fundraising
  • Seed fund of Rs 150,000