Amirtha Herbal

Amirtha Herbal

The dream of Parvathy:
To rehabilitate local indigenous traditions into healthcare practices in rural and urban areas of India and contributing to the financial and social development of women and Base-Of-Pyramid  communities in the Bioregion

The solution:
Offering herbal medicines to rural markets in South India. The social enterprise is co-owned by women groups who take care of collection, processing and marketing.

The Impact:

  • Employment of 15 women entrepreneurs
  • Production, sales and capacity-building trainings (1 session per month) for its beneficiaries
  • Indirect beneficiaries : 55 cultivators and individual marketers for Amirtha Herbal Unit

UnLtd Tamil Nadu’s support:
Networking, coaching and training on hard business skills, mentoring

Amirtha is supported by SEDAB and Pitchandikulam Forest, Auroville.