CARE Society

CARE Society

The issue: promote traditional, organic farming practices among the rural poor. Eliminate middleman in marketing that are not allowing organic farmers to market and effectively sell their products.

The idea: Empowerment of organic farmers through the creation of seed banks for traditional seed varieties. Train farmers and youth in the basics of sustainable farming, and seed production and preservation. Linking farmers to consumers through the Organic Farmer Producer Company.

How it started: Sivalingam and Kumari became concerned with the increasing use of fertilizers and harmful chemicals in local farms, and its impact on the rural poor. After much research they decided to start a seed bank to promote organic farming. They then decided to start the Organic Farmer Producer Company to create a market for organic farmers to sell their products.

The team: Kumari is trained as a farmer field school facilitator in Trichy and started a seed bank in Vanur block. Sivalingam is promoting replication of her model in Marakannam block.

Care society and UnLtd Tamil Nadu: Organic Farmer Producer Company asked UnLtd Tamil Nadu to support them to get registered as Bio producer and seed purchasing company and in capacity building, cost analysis, networking, support for marketing and brand building.