Children’s Parliament

Children’s Parliament

The issue: Household problems and financial restraints are causing children to drop out of school. These children then grow up into mediocrity and lack the life skills necessary to thrive.

The idea: Logammal wants to create a ‘children’s parliament’ in each village to foster their skills and give them responsibilities. Hopefully, the children develop a passion for social change and influence their parents.

How it started: Logammal attended a meeting in Chennai where he had the chance to hear a 12-year-old boy’s life story. The young boy was the children’s education minister in his village, and his story inspired Logammal to adopt a similar system in his village, and implement it in other areas.

The team: Logammal is has worked as a co-coordinator in many of the children’s parliaments in his district. Logammal has also successfully shut down two liquor stores in his village, while raising awareness about alcoholism. He’s also succeeded in various other projects in different villages.

Children’s Parliament and UnLtd Tamil Nadu: Children’s Parliament has asked UnLtd Tamil Nadu to help them with training, networking and the creation of an objective way to measure their impact.