De-addiction Center

De-addiction Center

The issue: A survey of 15 villages in Tamil Nadu from researchers of Satta Panchayat Iyakkam (SPI) says that about 70 lakh individuals in Tamil Nadu drink every day. Addiction leads to health problems, economic strife, and family discord.

The idea: Bala envisions an alcohol addiction free society where addicted persons and their families can attain good economic status to sustain themselves. She decided to open a De-addiction Center, where alcohol dependents are identified and helped to overcome addiction through therapy, counseling, and street plays.

How it started: Bala’s own personal experience losing her husband to alcoholism opened her eyes to a greater problem in her community.

The team: Bala has previous experience working as a nurse in a de-addiction center.

Bala and UnLtd Tamil Nadu: Bala asked UnLtd Tamil Nadu to help her with

  • Coaching
  •  Networking
  • Fundraising support
  • Training