Eco Femme

Eco Femme

Making washable cloth pads & promoting menstrual practices that are safe, clean & eco friendly.

The dream of Jessamijn, Kathy, Anbu and Anita:
To see all women in India manage their menstruation in a healthy, dignified and eco-friendly way.

The solution:
Making washable sanitary pads and educating girls about women’s health.


  • 2500 girls and women
  • Employment of 15 women tailors
  • 1 washable pad = 120 disposable pads less in the nature (up to 800 years to decompose)

UnLtd Tamil Nadu support:
Coaching, Business development, strategic planning, Networking

[UnLtd Tamil Nadu’s greatest value was giving us] access to professional support to help us think through business plan and especially getting a better handle on the financial aspects of Eco Femme.

Jessamyn and Kathy

Case Studies