Equals Center for Promotion of Social Justice

Equals Center for Promotion of Social Justice

The issue: At present, people with disabilities are unable to exercise their rights to the fullest extent. Often law and policy fails to promote empowerment by remaining stuck in out-dated charity and segregation models.

The idea: Equals fills the gap in ensuring “Nothing About Us Without Us” by making submissions and status reports at the level of policy and budget formulations, policy implementation, and accountability representing the disability movement.

How it started: The Incheon strategy and the ensuing need to ‘make the right real’ inspired Amba to make a place for people with disabilities in the law, and she received the support she required to execute her goals.

The team: Amba Salelkar is a lawyer. Amba and her team, Rajiv, Meenakshi and Sudha, are strongly committed to advocacy and rights based approaches.

Equals and UnLtd Tamil Nadu: Amba Salelkar asked UnLtd Tamil Nadu to help her with

  • Training
  • Networking