Evergreen Spirulina

Evergreen Spirulina

Creating a society free of malnutrition, and providing livelihood to rural women through Spirulina production and sales.

The issue: malnutrition, poverty, and joblessness afflict Many Local women and children in the Vilupuram
The idea: Kamala’s idea is to provide women livelihood opportunities to create a society without malnutrition.
She gives women opportunities by forming support groups that engage them in the production of high-quality Spirulina
health drinks. The women then turn to marketing the Spirulina drinks as a solution to child malnutrition.
How it started: Kamala found that poverty and malnutrition in her village co-existed. Considering that the
nutrients in 1g of Spirulina are equivalent to the nutrients in 1kg of vegetables and fruits, Spirulina provides a
unique solution to both unemployment and malnutrition. Thus, Kamala created Evergreen Spirulina.
The team: Kamala holds an M.A. in English and works with a team of 15 women as a self help group that produces
Evergreen Spirulina and UnLtd Tamil Nadu: Kamala has asked UnLtd Tamil Nadu to help her with
  • Networking support
  • Marketing
  • Conducting a market survey