Komali Mediclown Academy

Komali Mediclown Academy

Dream of Fif and Hamish :
To bring joy, hope and healing through therapeutic clowning, laughter and humour to all in rural and urban India.

The Solution:

  • Train 1000 medical clowns and laughter leaders for healthcare, education, business
  • Develop and implement an accredited Medical Clown degree / diploma program
  • Therapeutic clowning is recognized as an essential service and paid profession
  • Partner with healthcare professionals and universities for research
  • India Nose Love project – create and distribute one-million natural clown noses!


Rural Area Urban area

  • 2,000 direct beneficiaries
  • 6,000 indirect (women, men, school children, elderly and people with special needs in 18 villages)
  • 5,000 direct
  • 12,000 indirect (people in healthcare, education and businesses)