Non electric manually  operating clothes washer (NEMOW)

Non electric manually operating clothes washer (NEMOW)

The issue: The electric washing machine has liberated billions of people from stressful and strenuous activity of washing clothes by hand. Unfortunately that leaves 5 billion people who are required to hand wash clothes. This can lead to back, hip, and skin problems due to extended contact with detergent solution and unnatural poses.

The idea: Dr. Ramani is developing a non-electric washing machine. The simple device will be low cost and easy to operate due to ergonomic design. It is also portable and will save both water and detergent.

How it started: Dr. Ramani observed rural women hand washing clothes and the devices they were using. The failed designs of these machines made him think about creating an innovative, practical alternative.

The team: Dr Ramani has an impressive educational background including B.E.(Mechanical), B.E.(Electrical), M.Sc.(Mechanical Engineering), M.B.A.(IIM, Calcutta) and Ph.D (Industrial Engineering).