Empowering individuals through open creative expression, and emotional awareness. Promoting transformation by connecting individuals and cultures.

The issue: Individuals’ Low self-esteen, and lack of confidence in social situations.

The idea: Sankalpa is improving self-esteem and cultivating emotional expression through art. They use story telling as a tool to heal trauma and empower individuals. Their aim is to provide supportive spaces, resources, and education to nurture creative expression and self-awareness. Sankalpa is facilitating global art exchange, bridging barriers between cultures, and exploring transformation through connection.

How it started: Art has been a personal path to resilience for co-founder, Krupa. After formal graduate training and travels across Nepal and India, Krupa has decided to share the deeper potential of art therapy. She wants to cultivate emotional awareness, insight and storytelling to heal trauma and empower children through original self-expression.

The team: Krupa is an international art the rapist and art director, born in the United States, with Indian origins. She has experience working with children and women with HIV/AIDS, child protection, trauma-informed Art Therapy, and the combined practice of Art & Yoga. Iyyappan manages operations.

Sankalpa and UnLtd Tamil Nadu: The Sankalpa team has asked UnLtd Tamil Nadu to help them with

  • Networking
  • Project Management
  •  Marketing
  • Team Leadership
  • Funding of 2,00,000 Rs

UnLtd Tamil Nadu facilitates dreams coming true! A grassroots effort such as mine regularly experiences many unique challenges, questions and uncertainties. The dynamic team at UnLtd shares invaluable support and guidance through a resourceful and uplifting network. The willingness to incorporate feedback and meet specific needs is particularly encouraging. Thank you, UnLtd Tamil Nadu!

Level 1 & 2 Fellow, 2014-2015