Sristi Village Foundation

Sristi Village Foundation

Farm and agro-based entrepreneurial residential training centre for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

The issue: Adults with intellectual disabilities are often abandoned due to lack of governmental support and lack of awareness. The intellectually disabled need to experience acceptance.

The idea: Karthik’s idea is to create a safe place for people with intellectual disabilities. This village is inclusive, self-sustaining and eco-friendly.

How it started: Growing up in an orphanage Karthik saw a need to provide opportunities that empower those who are intellectually disabled, and willing and able to contribute to the community. Many of the people he grew up with were unable to get jobs because employers looked at their disability instead of their possibilities.

The team: Sristi Village currently has 15 member in their community and 6 members in the team (including Karthik). They have a supportive staff of one psychologist, a health inspector, a lab technician and two social workers.

Sristi and UnLtd Tamil Nadu: Sristi asked UnLtd Tamil Nadu to help them with

  • Financial management
  • Staff and volunteer management
  • Curriculum design for the farm academy • Networking with partners
  • Presentation skills

Working with Unlimited Tamil Nadu has been so personalized. I have felt supported, informed and guided throughout my experience. From the start it has felt more like a family than an incubator. Over the past 12 months we have received exemplary service. You gave clarity and confidence in every step of my project from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation.

Level 1&2 Fellow, 2014-2015

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