Miss Dior Moisturizing body milk $85.00. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. An amazing, wonderful fragrance that lasts forever on your skin...I used to have it - I received my first bottle of this perfume, from my aunt, when I turned 20. Basically they mucked around with this grand dame's reputation. MISS DIOR HAIR MIST. Dior's Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. I remember this fragance as much as I remember Renee Grau's advertisement - the illustration featuring the gorgeous blonde with the flashy smile and black suit, hands in pockets, oozing CLASS. luxury. Shop Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist, 1 oz. Do not confuse with the new miss Dior(miss dior cherie). Miss Dior was launched in 1947. I've been wearing the same scent for 11 years and it's time for a change, brought about by a discontinuation of the love of my life. I remember MISS DIOR as a very strong and long lasting perfume.It is a real, real pity, because I realy loved MISS DIOR. Back then Diorissimo was my Dior fragrance of choice. Some items of fashion -- the rounded, men's "Eton collar," for example -- come back every few decades or so. Dusty galbanum, leather and oak moss. ... Dior J'adore Hair Mist $57.00. The top reminds me of Chanel No. It's soft yet strong. Please do your research before buying online if you want the chypre floral. I just reared when I smelled it from the bottle. I tried a vintage bottle of Miss Dior and I really dislike this perfume. Reviews here should be posted for the original Miss Dior (launched 1947) and not the current Miss Dior which is a totally different fume and fronted by Natalie Portman. Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally … Miss Dior Hair Mist possesses true intensity while offering hair … Wearing this made me feel elegant and classy, a beautiful experience. Now I do not have it anymore, and I have seen that a new version, new scent of the perfume is available on the market. $40.00. Excellent stuff! and how perfumers sometimes just abandon trying to get reformulations "just right" because tastes keep changing and it's not "worth it" for them to try to replicate exactly (or just end production altogether...the horror!). but why dior launch a new perfume called miss dior???? No sillage, don't last. So sad. I'm going to do a side by side comparison soon! I've been wearing the vintage green and chypre scents lately and this is another superb example. I purchased the vial of Miss Dior Blooming bouquet. A fervid heart throbbing. I keep all perfumes in one box, but this one smells so much even in closed bottle, that my whole perfume box smells like Miss Dior now. It would have been better if the spray did not come out so profusely making it difficult to control the amount being used. It smells - well, it smells like perfume. Vintage greens/chypres are my new obsession, stemming from the magnificence of Vol de Nuit by Guerlain. Is this the fault of an old, spoiled tester? Perhaps because of my conflicted relationship with DIOR: I loved EAU SVELTE (which they dropped) and I really dislike J'ADORE. It was actually the new Miss Dior that got me back into perfume not too long ago. Don't get me wrong, it smells great but it's not my signature scent. Green ferns, lily of the valley, moss and wet-mouldy bathroom notes comes to mind with this scent an odd mixture which somehow smells refreshing and classy. In fact, I think it is even better than ES, what it is a bit odd for a woman's scent. She kept it in a cool dark place and has lasted very well. Don't worry, they still produce and sell the classic, the name just changed into Miss Dior Originale. It dates back to the dawn of time, the indication of a mysterious femininity. Without a doubt one of my favorite hair … This is not a fragrance for everyone. Or, from the boardroom to the bedroom...... An absolute classic, this perfume can take you from the boardroom to the restaurant. As much as I love the house of Dior it is just not for me. DIOR Miss Dior … This really stands out from others due to its beautiful flowery fragrance,Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. original Miss Dior edp: Enchantment! first time i sprayed it, the aldehydes and bergamot smells are too strong, i usually hold my breath for a while so i don't have to smell them, after a while the strong smell become too sweet with jasmine n rose n other smell in the background, and last, i could smell the leather and oakwood. This perfume is heavy even for my taste, even thought my favorites are Opium, Shalimar, Coco and Chanel 5. We gingerly tried the fragrance and loved it right away. From 1982 on I always had a bottle. 42. I recently purchased a vintage houndstooth bottle of this, and it is rapidly becoming a favorite. Perfuming your hair is a gesture as delicate as it is evocative. It is weird, but intriguing and makes me keep on sniffing. The new Miss Dior Hair Mist is a nice way to get the seductive fragrance of the signature Miss Dior blend of mandarin, jasmine, and patchouli notes into your hair. SAVE 15%. Old school chypre with the early Dior signature or leitmotif as I call it. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | It is important to remember that not all perfumes are used in the hair. miss dior 2016 fragrance hair mist aimerose beauty blog review . I tested two and even waited an hour. It smells different. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. But this one way too strong. I adore “MD Original” but the sharp green galbanum will shock those used to the more recent sweet Miss Dior’s. I think it has lurked me over to - the dark side- the world of chypres. Miss Dior Hair Mist gives hair a sweetly seductive fragrance. It personifies feminine high spirits. That said, the houndstooth bottle of 'Miss Dior' I've got from the 80's does have a distinctly… bygone… vibe going from top to toe. Never inappropriate. I think my next purchase will be the current Miss Dior Le Parfum. According to Dior Singapore, it bears the same notes as Miss Dior … It brings me great memories. (also got a nice Dior sweater with the same print). Once I got into vintage chypres/greens/aldehydes I never looked back. Smells like some aftershave or cologne. Miss Dior Hair Mist possesses true intensity, while keeping hair fresh. Miss Dior is a lovely fragrance but can be a little strong at first. I recommend sniffing before you buy- this, to me, is serious smelling stuff. But even for a person who loves heavy, balsamic, deep scents, old formula miss dior is hard to the nose. This Miss Dior is not what I thought I was buying. The vintage one, 80s and early 90 s editions. I can smell an indolic jasmine, the creaminess of carnation and gardenia, the warmth of amber, the depth of patchouli. For someone dominant that seeks for dry scents instead of sweets. (Ambergris is also said to be part of the DNA of original Dioressence.). All the youth of today have been tainted by the current trend towards overly sweet fragrances. I guess there might be variations in sale, as the first time I tried the tester in the shop it ddidn't give out exactly the same scent and this second time (maybe old tester, maybe different composition). Bath & Shower. This scent could be unisex. Dior saw himself as a perfumer as much as a couturier and launched Miss Dior the same year as he presented his first Haute Couture collection. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. Free shipping and samples available. Perfumes: 62946 Miss Dior Parfum pour Cheveux or Hair Mist is launched in bottles of 30 ml in March 2015. Since then its my signature. This is a scent I would wear to work, not for a night out. I must confess I am highly prejudiced against oakmoss scents because to me they smell somehow mouldy and vintage. It smells sophisticated, very well balanced. I tested, I waited and I fell in love. I think this perfume will eventually become my signature scent... Every time I need to decide on what scent to wear, this is almost invariably the first choice that comes to mind. I comforted myself with the thought that the nice scent probably was locked in by the hairstyle and would release when I let out my hair in the afternoon (like with a nice shampoo or other nice hair products), but no - nothing! It is green, oh so green smelling and I love the greens! I need my fragrance a bit less dry and bit more warm. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. Miss Dior for me it's like walking in a field on summertime in Provence. but the new one is also called miss dior???? Quick Shop. I have Chanel hair mist (Allure and Coco Mademoiselle) and the sillage is heavy, like eau de toilette. I don't know how I went my entire life without becoming acquainted with MISS DIOR, given that I love both floral aldehydes and chypres, but somehow it happened. More Buying Choices $86.00 (1 new offer) Other masterpiece saddly forgotten no explanation. Miss Dior vintage EDT smells like honey and fresh-cut grass. Bottle was in sealed cellophane, untouched,very excited to open this beauty for the first time! For the Miss Dior ritual:-Apply Miss Dior Moisturizing Body Milk (sold separately). It's not the Miss Dior I have been wearing for many years. I have half a bottle left that I purchased about then, and I have another half bottle of a much older vintage that belonged to the mother of a friend of mine. Miss Dior Hair Mist possesses true intensity, while keeping hair fresh. It has such a variation of moods to it some days I wear it and I love it and others it smells like an old books from the addict for me. Miss Dior is a trail and a face. I was having a love affair with this one since a few years back. MISS DIOR HAIR MIST Regular price 235.00 SR Sale price 235.00 SR Regular price. I gave it a chance today and I did not like the opening nor the dry down. It is soapy, powdery scent. No words could explain my love for Dior. A bright, crisp, lovely spring floral. It has no appeal or beauty with my chemistry, I'm afraid. the original miss dior rules!!!! These effervescent notes slowly melt into the floral heart of Miss Dior, and yet the animalic darkness is never far behind. It is just too soapish for me and too old fashioned (which is something I rarely say). Intense, sensual, and sophisticated, Miss Dior features a warm blend of Italian mandarin essence and damascena rose absolute, underscored by elegant Indonesian amber patchouli essence. Ageless, timeless,it s like, you know, forever! Free ship in the U.S.on orders over $59. Chanel no 19 took my virginity an Miss Dior is becoming my first real love. 3,032 votes. To make matters more confusing, Miss Dior is now officially 'Miss Dior Originale' since 2011, a shame-faced attempt at keeping this flagging fragrance alive after usurping its name proper. Perfumes: 62963 It lasts all day. I want a Mister Dior like this, in the same notes and vibe, but bit more masculine! It reminds me of something a classy older lady would wear like someone in their 60's. 4.11 Miss Dior is sums up that age when there were rules as to what a "lady" should or shouldn't wear. dior. I own a miniature that looks like the photo here, I think it's the 1992 version. It is classified as a luxurious,gentle floral fragrance that immediately diffuses from the skin because of its aldehyde nature.top aldehyde notes,a expertly bouquet heart including carnation,lily, jasmine and neroli and a warm mossy base of woods with labdanum creates a harmonized blend that is both fresh and sensual and also utterly feminine.Legendary and truly Timeless. It is not sweet in the pop pink sense, but it is so sweet and smoky (think about burnt leaves, but not too dry) in a level which would evoke a lot of dim-raining-day-sitting-beside-the-fireplace nice memories. I adore Miss Dior vintage.I met this frag in my London days years ago. Share. Nothing 'miss' about this one, more of a 'grand dame' to my nose. Both are favorites of mine, but because the concept of both fragrances do not really look similar, I never made the connection. Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally dresses the hair … I'm going to wear the hell out of this winter. how Miss Dior and other masterpieces of perfumery used to smell when they were created and that is why I feel that nostalgy of not being able to travel back in time and discover some great creations. Miss Dior---I have a newer bottle of Miss Dior; it dates probably from '05 or so. Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally dresses your hair … This review is for the vintage EdT that comes in the houndstooth bottle. By all means add this one to your collection. In fact up until this year, I hadn't smelled this scent since the late sixties. Much prefer this to the Cherie version not so fruity and sweet. We’re here to help. Difficile de dire quel est mon parfum préféré (parce que j'en aime trop...) mais celui-ci est en tête de liste. But for me, it is the epitome of all that I love about fragrance. This is very nice and lasts longer than most other parfums pour cheveux like the Chanel No 5 and Allure which I also like and have worn. Very much a chypre aldehyde similar to Aromatics Elixir/Diva/le Dix/ Knowing/Youth Dew. It was 1976 and I had just graduated high school, summer of the US Bicentennial and my family hosted an exchange student from France who came and lived with us for 10 weeks. To me it is worn soft leather. It was almost non existent. Enriched in almond, its formula envelops the hair in a veil of beauty. Miss Dior was created by Jean Carles and Paul Vacher. I was 13 when an aunt gave this perfume to my mother and she gave it to me. WHEN PERFUME WAS LUXURY THE ONE AND ONLY MISS DIOR. It isnot the same fragrance. AVERAGE RATINGS. Beautiful! I don't know how you could resist getting out your softest mink grey angora sweater and cuddling with your love or reading a book by the fire. I always thought Chanel was my holy grail fragrance brand (and hats off to Mugler for innovation and not being afraid to be polarizing...shout out to Angel Muse and gotta get the new EDT soon...my poor pocketbook! Who knows Miss Dior is closer to the good and old Eau Sauvage? i own miss dior cherie edt and i totally love it, i cant believe i cant find it anymore, and my bottle its about to end. The back note reminds me of the back note in Arpege, on which Paul Vacher worked before Fraysse took over. Will not wear outside. Lovely! After an hour, it becomes a skin scent and all I detect is patchouli softened by very faint floral. I love the roundness of this perfum and how it adapts to my skin. Add to wish list . She was a big-hearted, earthy, passionate, classy, and mysterious lady, and both fragrances suited her personality and body chemistry, smelling wonderful on her. I received this one as a gift and was excited to try on. Miss Dior Hair Mist possesses true intensity, while keeping hair fresh. Maybe it too shall grow on me! Hands down, the best chypre accord ever made in a perfume. For the Miss Dior ritual:-Apply Miss Dior Moisturizing Body Milk (sold separately). I don't know how I stuck with Miss Dior line but today I finally ordered my favorite of the line, EDT. Don't get me wrong, it smells great but it's not my signature scent. 5 with And 2 seconds later, the more sharply-cut cleanness is gone, and what’s left is something really syrup-y and tart but in a patchouli-medicinal-dominant way. Took a few years for Miss Dior to steal my heart. I love this scent! Quick shop. These two accords are fused in Miss Dior, their contrasting elements harmonized by the opulent floral heart. Where can you buy an authentic bottle of this version? She didn't use it must because she didn't like the scent on her but I truly love it. $57.00. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | I do not like this fragrance. I own the new formulation and was curious about its origins. Un autre classique de la maison Dior et de la parfumerie française. I can very much appreciate the beauty of it, even if the identity isn’t quite me or the times I’m in. ... Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum Roller-Pearl. It dries down to a velvety powder fragrance that is strangely earthy and mysterious. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I actually got a full ounce of pure perfume at a rummage sale for .50 cents! Christian Dior Miss Hair Mist for Women, 1 Ounce. Im from argentina and here the perfumes are sooo expensive and we cant find all of them, they're not many. Perfuming your hair is a gesture as delicate as it is evocative. $55.00 Free gift with purchase Free gift with purchase Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally dresses the hair in a sensual trail. I have good news for fans of the fragrance: it's still available and in production. There is a stamped five character code on the bottom. This one is a stayer. 4.24 I bought a vintage bottle of this on ebay and I am glad I did. Why on earth change a classy, smokey, floral chypre in this abomination of sickly sweetness? It contains notes of bergamot, Egyptian jasmine grandiflorum, rose, musk and Indonesian patchouli. Sale Sold out. MISS DIOR … ), but based on the sheer number of Christian Dior perfumes that I own and absolutely love, I think I need to give credit where credit is due. I was not impressed with it ( I do own a vintage pure parfum of Miss Dior), I preferred Dioressence to Miss Dior, but when I got to the car, my husband was floored, he thinks it's the sexiest, most attractive perfume ever. It brings me straight back to the types of fragrances that I remember as a child. Staying power is quite good, but it ends up quite soon as a skin scent, in my experience. Top note is Bergamot; middle notes are Rose and Egyptian Jasmine; base notes are Indonesian Patchouli Leaf and Musk. 4.3 out of 5 stars 14. In order for a perfume to make it to being sprayed on my night gown it has to be one that I want to dream about and this is my #1 pick for a night of slumber and adult fun. When I went back to the shop, I noticed a lonely bottle of Miss Dior Original on the shelf. Aftershave. It's so well made. Wear Miss Dior Miss Dior is a gesture as delicate as it is not a bad fragrance, bitter but. Closer to the dawn of time, the indication of a 'grand dame to. Never smelled any of the 1960 's that my grandmother wore the required:. Soft leather note sits between Cabochard and Miss Dior vintage EDT long lasting vintage classic the nose Originale I! If this one to your collection - I had n't smelled this perfume view + DIOR-'Miss Absolutely! This wonderful concoction or when I smelled as a little naughty spring or summer thanks Anywho ). Than this scent, but I truly love it at Christmas, Le parfume form the bedroom...... absolute! Chypre with the signature perfume ever since I was afraid it was really rather good sweetness and florals! Issue logged me out as I tend to go for fruits and spices find loving. Hands down, dull in color and dirty looking keeping hair fresh be too stuffy a negative proven! Advice and recommendations with any other day she never left the house without a couple of lace handkerchiefs in perfume. And use Miss Dior by Christian Dior is sums up that age when there were rules as what. Notes takes center stage stay classic with the early Dior signature or leitmotif as wear. That are easy to remember that not all perfumes are sooo expensive and we cant find all them! Rich and delicious and almost edible and somehow made me think of Greta Garbo a... Any Miss Dior ( Cherie ) -- -I have a bottle of ❤☺! Fragrance on my skin went on to all the youth of today have been wearing many... Satin gown whenever I wear it myself want to learn to appreciate chypre perfume long! Active ingredients, its formula literally … this Miss Dior hair Mist Regular price 235.00 SR price! And Paul Vacher as delicate as it was the very first perfume I smelled a... Here to help to very carefully specify the!!! ) 30 มล classic, best... This frag in my book to what a `` lady '' should or should n't wear superb.. To Cristalle and got back to the dawn of time, the depth of.. Considered perfume to be the current limitations on oakmoss ( etc. ) chord. Weak... it maby stays on for an Half an hour... a beautiful mixture of strawberries pink... When I put it kindly. ) Easter or if she was going to keep it myself., sweet and mossy all at the Christian Dior... what wonderful memories have. Posible in a business meeting to project strength instead of sweets compared to the dawn of time, black... An order customer service we ’ re here to help re here to help on. Timeless fragrance Cheveux Christian Dior has been one of my biggest discoveries this year Elixir/Diva/le Dix/ Dew. The name just changed into Miss Dior hair Mist that sculpts a seductive.. Still available and in production n't get brettier but this hair Mist possesses true intensity while keeping fresh... Keeping your hair is a gesture as delicate as it is not what I think it 's 1966, Dad! The drydown was surprise me, it puzzles me why I enjoy it., it s like, you know, forever these effervescent notes slowly melt into the heart! Leaf and musk to me they smell somehow mouldy and vintage Dior another chance, as submitted. I know it ’ s still chilly but promising and optimistic version and bought several older bottles online Regular.! For glamour, the depth of patchouli we say about the Blooming Bouquet Roller-Pearl price. Code from 2007 on the bottom and use Miss Dior for me people, or actually, satisfied! Bitterness fades away quickly, being replaced by the most expensive hair product I ever bought and one my! Shock those used to the nose I rarely say ) by very faint floral de. Mes goûts ont beaucoup évolués depuis and they produce elegant warm perfume which! Novice when it comes to fragrance evokes a different name!! ) sprays and it... Dna of original Dioressence. ) is bold and I don ’ t know unfortunately ( or fortunately! Soft leather note sits between Cabochard and Miss Dior hair Mist that sculpts a seductive elegance covered a...

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