In our awesomeness score Squier Bullet Mustang HH ranks #16 out of 264 and Epiphone Les Paul Special-ii ranks #27 out of 264. New Squiers top out at around $ It is hard enough learning guitar without having to struggle with a crummy instrument, so I always suggest starting off on something decent from a well-respected brand such as these two. It’s widely believed that the Les Paul is actually an intermediate level guitar, while the Stratocaster would fit a beginner’s needs better. However, there are no gaps and no glue marks on this neck or the body, which isn’t too common to find on a guitar of this price range. With an instrument at an affordable price range for most people, you would expect to see poor quality construction around the neck of the guitar. Fender/Squier vs. Gibson/Epiphone Discussion in 'Squier Stratocasters' started by juks, Nov 23, 2020. Thursday Best Carolina. Once again, you have to decide if you prefer the sound of the Les Paul over the Strat. Gibson Les Paul Custom vs Standard: What’s the Difference? There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between the Les Paul or the Stratocaster- you have to make the decision for yourself based on your own dreams, experience, playing styles. The Squier Standard Strat is also available in an HSS configuration, which means you'll get one humbucking pickup and two single-coils instead of three singles coils as on a traditional Strat. Maybe you’re looking for a guitar with a similar build, quality, and price range that comes with either the Les Paul or the Stratocaster, but you aren’t looking of either of these exact guitars. Epiphone's high end guitars are fantastic. Which has a better sound, and, most importantly, which guitar is right for me? | Check the alley behind a blues bar. Finally, we have the Epi Les Paul Special II vs the Squier Affinity Strat. I know on acoustic guitars I have found this to be true. Both the LP 100 and Squier Standard Strat may be a little more expensive than some beginners would like, but there are a couple of guitars made by each brand that I always recommend for newbies. As for the Les Paul, the neck itself it thick and hefty, which can make note bending a much easier trick to complete on the Les Paul neck. This means an Epiphone LP Standard is really a mid-level guitar, and I believe the better comparison when it comes to quality is between the Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO and the … The main problem with comparing Squier and Epiphone is that Fender has an extra level in their guitar hierarchy. Instead of Agathis tonewood used in the bodies of Standard Squiers, Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe Strats use better materials like Alder (traditionally used in Fender Strats) and Basswood. They feature much better pickups and some unique designs hearkening back to Strats gone by. Many cheap starter guitars are tough to play for advanced guitarists let alone newbies. 1. The Stratocaster has two asymmetrical cutaways, which serves both a cosmetic benefit, while also allowing musicians better access to higher notes. It is one of the most affordable Les Pauls out there for serious musicians. Best guitar I ever played at the time (I was just starting out and it had only been my 3rd electric guitar I'd ever played) and it was like that up until 10 months. All of the hardware on this instrument comes in chrome, which is inspired by the cosmetic appearance of the Gibson Les Paul Standard. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Epiphone vs Squier - comparison YouTube Squier Roundup: A look at six Squier guitars from worst to first - Duration: 25:02. 5. While you may already understand the basic differences between the Les Paul and the Strat, this article is going to take a look at each of these differences in depth to decide which guitar is truly better for you. If it's an Affinity vs an Epi G400, the Epi wins hands down. One part Squier Jaguar neck, (very similar in look and feel to a jazz neck) maple neck with a rosewood fret board and block inlays. Which is better for beginners? Note that this is based on traditional construction and appointments for each guitar. Again, I’m still a newbie, but I have come a long way from the time I started. These are a couple of the best electric guitars under $200 mark, leaving you a little room in your budget for a quality beginner amp. While I am more of a strat guy, I will say that epiphone generally is better. At first when I bought it, it was amazing. The sound of this guitar comes from the wood that’s used to manufacture the Stratocaster, which happens to be from a wood called Agathis. So while I probably need to take lessons, I’m thinking about getting the Epiphone LP Package, and simply starting over with a different style of guitar. Smoother necks and all around better feeling body. If you are into metal and rock you will probably want to go with the Les Paul and its thick-sounding humbuckers or choose a Strat with a humbucker at the bridge position. In other words, the Les Paul requires less work when it comes to tuning and maintaining tuning when compared to the Stratocaster. Still on the fence between these two classic designs? I bought the Fender Strat Starter Kit, and I’m itching for something different. Steve from Boston 1,092,982 views core differences between a Strat and Les Paul. The other part is an Epiphone custom Thunderbird body. It also features some upgrade appointments from the old Fender Standard Series, such as a two-point tremolo system and expanded fretboard. I own both a Les Paul and a Strat and I love them both for different reasons. This alignment of strings is highly commended by musicians because it helps the strings stay in tune for a long period of time. Epiphone Les Paul Electric vs Squier Stratocaster Comp [2020], Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 50’s Telecaster, Squier Affinity Telecaster Review (Similar to the Affinity Strat), Epiphone Les Paul vs Gibson Les Paul Compared, Fender Telecaster vs Stratocaster Compared, Used in blues, rock, funk, and country genres, Used in hard rock, blues, jazz, and metal genres, Slim contoured body with a double cutaway, Longer scale of 25.5 inches with a thinner neck, Shorter scale length of 24.75 inches, with a wider neck. Learn more about us and how we approach our editorial reviews. Les Paul comes with Gibson’s Tune-o-Matic fixed bridge, which has two adjustable posts with a bar in-between them, which contains the individual string saddles. When I bought the Fender Pack, I basically knew “EADGBe”. As for the Les Paul, there is a single cutaway on the instrument, which also allows musicians for easier access to high notes. Gibson Vs Epiphone Epiphone and Squier are run by Gibson and Fender respectively, and they both make budget and entry-level versions of some of the most classic guitars in history. BobWithOneO Squier Talker. Danny grew up playing anything that looked like a guitar. Personally, I don't like the fender and gibson knockoffs, and squire's aren't the best brand, but I have a squire telecaster, which is actually great quality, better than I expected, and it has a slightly more drier, shaky tone that an actual tele, which is a nice feature. Many new guitar players wonder about the comparison between the Epiphone Les Paul and Squier Strat. For players with small hands I suggest guitars with thin necks. On the other hand, the Les Paul has a glued-in neck, which takes more attention to detail during manufacturing time. Which would be the best and most enjoyable starter guitar for someone looking to learn? In our awesomeness score Squier Bullet Strat ranks #21 out of 264 and Epiphone SG-Special ranks #43 out of 264. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar is more popular The choice between an Ibanez Artist and Epiphone guitar is pretty minor. I was wondering whether a Squier Stratocaster or an Epiphone SG is the better guitar. Just to make things even more confusing, realize that guitarists have used both guitars in just about every style of music imaginable. However, the Les Paul and the Strat are two intermediate-level instruments ranging between $300-$500. Squier Bullet Strat, the cheaper option, tends to get more favorable reviews than Epiphone SG-Special [4.6 vs 4.5 ]. Having a different scale length has a major impact on both the playability and the sound of a guitar, which is the biggest reason why the Stratocaster and the Les Paul have such a difference in sound. At least not yet. While it may not seem it at first, the Squier Stratocaster is a budget guitar; I say this because you’re not going to receive the same quality tonewoods as an instrument that costs around $1,500. The Tune-o-Matic bridge has the ability to support six adjustable saddles on one end, as well as a quality set of die-cast tuners on the other end of the guitar. At the end of the day, manufacturing a guitar is just a balancing act; the majority of the hardware that’s attached to the Agathist is unbranded, which is reflected in the pricing of this instrument. Jul 26, 2011 #10. fretlessguy. Deciding what guitar is best for your own personal needs is completely dependent upon your total experience as a musician, what your goals as a musician are, and what you plan to use your instrument for. How does the Squier Strat compare to the Epiphone Les Paul and which guitar is best for you? Again, I own and love both, so I have nothing bad to say about either. The Epiphone is manufactured by Gibson, while the Squier Stratocaster is manufactured by Fender; both instruments are budget-friendly guitars and beginner level instruments that are inspired by some of the most famous guitar’s history. The LP-100 has a bolt-on neck compared to the set neck you'll see on Epiphone Standard Les Pauls. Both Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe Strats will cost less than an Epi Standard Les Paul, but they are coming to be known as one of the best values out there in the guitar world. This, in most cases, means it will stay in tune a little better. I'm learning to play guitar. We then pit the best budget offerings from Epiphone and Squier side-by-side to get a flavour for what the two styles offer at both ends of the price spectrum. The same kind of player who is interested in one may be interested in the other. Best PRS Guitars on The Market – All You Need to Know. So, how to you choose when you are just starting out? Still, it sounds and players really good for a guitar in its price range, which is why I consider it an excellent guitar for beginners. The LP Special II features the classic single-cutaway body style. Anyhow, if anyone has any feedback, I would LOVE to hear it. The debate between Epiphone vs Gibson may seem a lot like the one between Squier vs Fender. This is simply a hobby, so I’m not trying to make a living off it. Starting at the neck, you’re going to get yourself a standard maple design with a rosewood fretboard on top. Considering price range and quality, the Epiphone LP-100 is more comparable to the Stratocaster, because the LP-100 is a basic version of the standard Les Paul. By Danny Trent The Epiphone is manufactured by Gibson, while the Squier Stratocaster is manufactured by Fender; both instruments are budget-friendly guitars and beginner level instruments that are inspired by some of the most famous guitar’s history. Both of these sets cost $200 each. Our writing team has deep experience in the musical space, specifically with guitars and “other lutes”. Have fun on your guitar journey! May 17, 2008 Hopefield, AR. … Getting an electric guitar starter set. This means an Epiphone LP Standard is really a mid-level guitar, and I believe the better comparison when it comes to quality is between the Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO and the Fender Player Stratocaster. However, it's fairly safe to say that Squier Affinity Telecaster is a more popular electric guitar, based on its 300+ reviews. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Which is higher quality? If the Squier isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, don’t fret;) Gibson’s beginner line is quite comparable to that of Fender’s. These are both excellent guitars for their price range, and there aren't a whole lot of competitors that hold a candle to them. There are a couple of guitars in the Squier lineup that just might give the Epiphone Les Paul Standard a run for its money. Humbuckers were created to eliminate the feedback noise that single coil pickups produce when interfered with other electric activity. It’s not. Having a longer scale length means that there’s more space in between the frets, which means that there’s great tension on the strings of the guitar. Look at your favorite guitar players and styles of music. So Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Epiphone Les Paul Standard, as seen on the chart below. Some are good enough to carry on stage or into the recording studio. If you want a guitar in the Epiphone lineup analogous to the Fender Player Strat, you need to look at the Epi Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO. Or, take a look at the Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe Series Strats and see if you can grab a great bargain. ProBuckers are a major step forward for Epi Les Pauls, bringing in some of the clarity and warmth formerly found only in Gibsons. If these decisions were easy, we guitarists wouldn't own so many darned guitars! Which types of guitars do those players use? The Affinity Strat features an alder body with a maple neck and a 21-fret Indian laurel fingerboard. It's quality and fit and finish are comparable to Squiers, or at least VM. However, experienced guitarists know well enough that the Les Paul and the Strat are actually two completely different instruments, which is what you’re going to see in this comparison. If that's what you're looking at I'd recommend going for that, unless you're solely looking to play metal. In case you’re not exactly sure what the key differences between each guitar is, here’s a quick little chart for you to look at: Les Paus are heavier guitars that have a thicker sound that’s perfect for any genre of music, even though it is mainly used in heavier styles of music. stella vadakin from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619 on August 22, 2014: Hey my thoughts are that Epiphone has always been a better brand, anyway I believe it. This is one of the best Les Pauls for beginners at any price range. I’ve tried using “YouTube” videos for tips for practice and drills. History of Epiphone … Strats have always felt lighter and more airy to me, and maybe slightly easier to play. Both guitars are iconic guitars for all the right reasons. Les Pauls have a heavier feel to me, and I feel like I fight with them a little more. There are many factors to consider when looking at Epiphone and Squier, and, as you'll see in this review, comparing the Standard models from each brand may not give you the whole picture. The Stratocaster is a lighter guitar with a wide range of sounds that could comfortably fit into any playing style or any style of music.

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