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How to Look Expensive on a Tight Budget

Money has always been and continues to be the limiting factor when it comes to realizing dreams and desires. Endeavors like education, traveling, and entrepreneurship are hard to undertake without enough money, as a majority of people in the world will attest. It is therefore correct to deduce that most people can relate to how hard it is to maintain a sense of fashion on a tight budget. Beauty is not just pain, but it is also expensive. you can tell by looking at the price tag on most fashion and beauty products.

If appreciation of beauty and looking good really matters to you, nothing can stop you from looking expensive and fashionable if you know where to look. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

Plan Out Your Wardrobe


When shopping on a budget, planning plays a huge role. You must have a vision of what you want to look like and plan in advance to get the items you need to achieve your desired style. The good thing about planning is that it gives you a clear picture of what you need, and ample time to financially plan for them. With a plan, you can now start saving for these items, or even take up online gigs to facilitate your current source of savings.

Avoid Impulsive Buying

The time and energy that you put in making the above mentioned plan will go to waste if you don’t follow it. Impulsive buying is one way to make any plan fail. If you want to stick to your plan, avoid impulsive buying, lest you end up spending your money on clothing items that you don’t even need.

Take preventive measures to avoid buying unnecessary items. You can installing milestone applications on your phone to help you stay focused, and avoiding going to malls, and stay away from promotional offers to avoid derailing from your plan.

Visit Your Local Thrift Shop

shopping in thrift shopFast fashion is not good for the society, and there are a lot of great documentaries that you can watch to understand more about this fact.

So it is another plus point added if you shop for a lot of your clothes from a thrift shop. Aside from the low price, it is possible to stumble upon a gem that would cost you three or four times less the original price.

Not to mention that most thrift shops operate for a good cause, where a percentage of their profit will go into charity. It even more exciting for you to go on an adventure to look for what you want through thrifting.…